VOGANI has partnered with one of the best known kitchen cabinet makers in both Spain and Europe as a whole: Vegasa.
The history of Vegasa Kitchen is based on more than half a century of commitment, innovation and work to help make the dreams of those seeking a unique kitchen at the best price come true. The brand started back in 1961 in the north of Spain when nine entrepreneurs created Vegasa Kitchen with the idea of becoming a manufacturer of top quality kitchens which did not ignore fundamental features such as design, functionality, ergonomics, space optimization, respect for the environment and the durability of all the components involved. These values, coupled with a constant commitment to innovation and the use of the latest technology, left their mark on the brand’s know-how, making it one of the most reliable options in quality kitchens. An impeccable track record that allowed the brand to develop an international expansion strategy in Europe.

A constant focus on quality, proximity and reliability has made it the most intelligent option in which thousands of homes worldwide now trust.

In- Stock Collections

These two collections come with a wide range of configuration alternatives in terms of models, materials, finishes and colors. All in order to offer our customers tailor-made solutions to satisfy their needs and preferences with the advantage of having stock locally. In the past, having an European made kitchen cabinet represented a long lead time, often times up to 3 months. Now, Vogani has developed an IN STOCK program so you can enjoy your kitchen in a matter of days.